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CES 2021:a French company invents glasses to fight against motion sickness

This year, the famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place online due to the current health crisis. A French company presented a natural alternative to medicinal solutions against motion sickness. It is a pair of glasses capable of resynchronizing sight and the inner ear.

Four-ring glasses

Motion sickness (or motion sickness) is a disorder that occurs due to a mismatch between visual perception and the vestibular system located in the inner ear. This results in symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, a feeling of dizziness or fatigue. Depending on the type of transport, the disorder in question may be called "road sickness", "airsickness" or even "seasickness". However, generally, preventing motion sickness involves drug solutions.

At CES 2021, the French company Boarding Ring presented an alternative solution:Boarding Glasses. This is a pair of glasses with not two, but four rings . Inside is a colored liquid moving in the frontal direction (left-right), but also in the sagittal direction (front-back). The goal? Resynchronize vision and the inner ear in about ten minutes.

"When all existing solutions fail content to only cure the symptoms of motion sickness, Boarding Glasses targets its real cause, and that results in over 94% better effectiveness “, can we read on the company’s website.

From 10 years old only

Boarding Ring officials recommend wearing these glasses at the first signs motion sickness. After about 10 minutes, the user can remove them and thus enjoy their trip. If the pair still costs the sum of 90 euros, it could interest families. As there is no need to wear these glasses continuously, one pair should meet the needs of an entire family . Moreover, these glasses show their effectiveness, regardless of the type of transport.

However, there is a catch. This is because Boarding Glasses are not suitable for children under the age of ten. However, motion sickness mainly affects children between the ages of two and twelve. Unfortunately, these glasses are one size and rather cut for adults. Importantly, children's peripheral vision doesn't mature until they're nine or ten years old. However, it is quite possible to wear them over prescription glasses.

Located in France in the Var department, Boarding Ring, founded in 2015, is a family business. This is one of the representatives of the South Region at CES 2021. The designers have announced that their glasses are already available in about fifteen physical points of sale.