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The nasal dilator that wakes you up fitter

A nasal dilator is an effective remedy for snoring caused by a blocked nose. Because you breathe better at night, you also sleep more deeply and you wake up fitter. Below we explain exactly what a nasal dilator is. We also tell you which type of nasal dilator is the most effective to be able to sleep well and snore-free again.

What is a nasal dilator? A nasal dilator is an anti-snoring agent that widens the nostrils from the inside. This improves airflow during inhalation and exhalation. A nasal dilator also ensures that the nostrils do not close.

While wearing a nasal dilator, there is less resistance during breathing. This makes it easier for the air you breathe to reach the lungs. As a result, less pressure is exerted on the throat, which prevents snoring.

In addition, your body absorbs more oxygen by wearing a nasal dilator. This will help you sleep better and feel more rested in the morning.

When do you benefit from a nasal dilator?

A nasal dilator is suitable for snorers who suffer from various complaints, such as:
* Stuffy nose, for example due to a cold or an allergic reaction
* Nasal cavity too narrow
* Collapsing nostrils
* Chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa
* Crooked nasal septum
* Nasal polyps (it is recommended to have them treated separately)

Many athletes also use a nasal dilator to get extra air during their workouts. They are mainly used in endurance sports such as running, cycling, hiking or climbing.

Different types of nasal dilators
There are many providers that offer nasal dilators. We can divide these nasal dilators into two types, namely nasal dilators and tubes. What's the difference?

Nose wing expanders Nostril dilators (also called nostrils for short) are nasal dilators that consist of a central part with two 'wings' attached to it. The snorer should insert these wings into the nostrils. They push the nostrils outwards, promoting airflow.

The downside of these nostril dilators is that they are quite uncomfortable. Because the nostrils are pushed out, wearers experience a feeling of pressure. In addition, the lifespan is very short:on average they only last two to six months.

The second type of nasal dilator consists of two tubes connected by a U-shaped bridge. You wear the tubes as far as possible in the nose. This makes them dilate the narrowest part of the nose. The advantage of these nasal dilators is that they are rated by users as much more comfortable than the nostril dilators.

The benefits of the nasal dilator

What exactly are the advantages of the nasal dilator? We list them for you:
* Effectively prevents snoring
* Immediate results
* Accessible
* Comfortable
* Lasts a long time
* Inexpensive
* Deeper sleep and wake up more rested

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