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Editor-in-chief Annalot eats a week without sugar:'I'm fed up with yesterday'

The Santé editorial team is participating in the National Sugar Challenge:a week of food and drink without added sugars. That's how it is now.


Editor-in-Chief Annalot:“Hooray, the penultimate day without sugar! I'm still a little bummed about the day before yesterday, when I gave in to the chips (after resisting cookies all week). But I'm a little tired of paying attention all the time. I can manage normal meals without sugar, those are not the problem for me. It's really about the tasty things. Snacks, moments of enjoyment, drinks. Then I just don't feel like vegetables with a dip. But all in all I'm pretty happy with how I'm doing. Where I used to have to really kick the habit and had headaches for days when I stopped taking sugar, I now have no problems with that at all. And that is a boost!”

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