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Do you sleep faster if your feet are not under the blanket?

For some reason it is very pleasant to let your foot dangle outside the blanket. Does it also make you sleep faster?

There has been no official investigation into this issue, but there is a (plausible) theory.

Cool body temperature

Your body temperature and sleep are closely linked. We sleep best in a cool room. Just before you fall asleep, your body temperature drops slightly and when we are in deep sleep, our body temperature is two degrees lower than normal.

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Tricks to sleep better

Hence, a warm bath or warm milk can help you fall asleep; as soon as you get out of a warm bath or when you finish the warm milk, your body cools down. Feeling your body cooling down can help you fall asleep, as this is a normal natural process before bedtime.

Feet not under the blanket

Keeping your feet out of the blanket has the same cooling effect. It is therefore possible that by not keeping your feet under the covers, you will fall asleep faster.