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The week of the National School Breakfast starts

Children's breakfasts are still not going well. For example, 5 percent of children do not have breakfast every day. To draw attention to breakfast, the week of the National School Breakfast will start on Monday 4 November.

The Breakfast Monitor shows that only 3 percent of children have breakfast according to the Wheel of Five, the dietary guidelines of the Nutrition Center.

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How do children have breakfast?

43 percent of children have breakfast behind a screen. For toddlers, breakfast takes 21 minutes and for children in groups 6, 7 and 8, breakfast takes an average of 17 minutes.

National School Breakfast

To show the importance of a good breakfast, around 2,750 primary schools will have a healthy breakfast at school or in a town hall this week during the National School Breakfast.

Why have breakfast?

But why is breakfast so important? By eating breakfast, your digestion is started and you get nutrients in your body. You can also concentrate better and the chance of being overweight is smaller.

A good breakfast can consist of grain, milk products, meats and fruit.,