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Why change is sometimes good for you

Change can be difficult at times – your brain is programmed to hold on to what is known.

Although the familiar feels nice and safe, sometimes change is good for you. When you are able to make small, positive changes in your life on a regular basis, you will find it easier to get out of your comfort zone. You challenge yourself and try different ways of thinking, doing and being and that always yields something:new experiences, new thoughts or new skills. Change ensures that you continue to learn and develop yourself, so that you eventually get to know yourself better and know better who you are and what you want. In addition, being open to change makes you more flexible:when experience teaches you that you can handle something well, even if you have not done it before, it gives you confidence. You get more guts to do something and to allow new people, experiences and situations into your life.

The best time to change is now

Are you doing what you want to do and are you where you want to be? Or are there things that could be done differently and better? When things are going well, you may not feel the urge to take a critical look at yourself and your life. Yet now is the time to do just that.

When you strive for positive improvements every day from calmness, tranquility and balance, it is easier to make that switch. After all, you don't have any stress or worries on your mind, and you feel strong and happy. That is the best starting point and the formula for success to let a breath of fresh air of change blow through your life.

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This article previously appeared in the March 2018 issue | Text:Bregtje Knaap | Image:Shutterstock