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More and more plastic in the water

Drinking water worldwide contains more and more plastic. The plastic is present in the form of fibres.

Drinking water in Europe turned out to be the least polluted. Samples were taken in England, France and Germany, among others. Compared to other countries, the water was relatively clean, yet plastic was detected in 72 percent of the tap water studied. A plastics expert is concerned. Animals have health problems due to plastic in the water, but who knows, that will also apply to humans in the future.

In addition, we read today that by 2050 the sea will probably contain more plastic than fish by weight. In the Netherlands we are major polluters than the sea. On 16 September is there in Scheveningen the After Summer Beach Cleanup, organized by Ecover and WasteBoards.

To fight against the plastic soup, Ecover has released a new limited edition whose bottle is made of 50 percent plastic waste from the ocean. The suggested retail price is €2.99.