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Attention for Alzheimer's with Alzheimer's SOCKS

1 in 5 Dutch people has to deal with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, a huge number. There are still no medicines for this severe disease.

Alzheimer's patients deal with confusion on a daily basis. Not only the elderly get dementia. It can also happen to young people. Today is World Alzheimer's Day, a day on which attention is paid to the seriousness of the disease, the patients, their loved ones and the importance of research into the disease.

Alzheimer's SOCKS
The Alzheimer SOCKS today bring Alzheimer's extra attention. The Alzheimer SOCKS consist of two different socks. One sock was designed by Mart Visser. The second sock was designed by Frans Molenaar's one. Two different socks, one goal:to start the conversation about Alzheimer's.

The socks are for sale via the website. The proceeds will go to Alzheimer Nederland, for research.

Mart Visser: 'With Frans Molenaar, I experienced first-hand what Alzheimer's disease does to someone. At the same time, I have also noticed that we all still find it difficult to talk about this disease when someone is confronted with it. With these socks I hope that the conversation will start and we will all look for a solution.'