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4 reasons to look green now

In the June issue of Santé we have collected beautiful green travel destinations for you, but of course you will also find greenery much closer to home. 4 reasons to look for the fresh air and greenery now.

1. Movement
The average person in the Netherlands moves too little, especially those with an office job. Take every opportunity for extra movement. The fact that it is movement in nature only makes it even more fun.

2. Vitamin D
70 to 90 percent of vitamin D is produced by our skin under the influence of sunlight. A good reason to go outside now.

3. Relax
When you walk in nature you are away from your daily activities. Natural beauty, silence, fresh air and movement can ensure that you completely empty your head.

4. New experiences
Outside you see things, hear things, discover things and meet people. These things happen a lot less when you're inside.