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AGEs in food

AGEs (sugar-protein compounds) in food are seen as an important cause of aging. By cooking differently – and by going for raw food a little more often – you lose weight more easily and your body stays healthy.

What are AGEs? Our food contains substances that provide a delicious taste, crispiness or a nice brown edge to a piece of meat or fried egg. These substances are called Advanced Glycation End Products. You can forget about that complicated term right away, we prefer to call them by their abbreviation, AGEs.

AGEs in our body We get AGEs through food, but they also arise in the body because glucose is linked to collagen, other proteins or fats. These substances cause trouble:'age' in English means 'aging' and that is exactly what AGEs do to your body.

Learn more about AGEs?
Curious about more? The August issue of Santé explains in great detail what the effect of AGEs is and how you can ensure that you do not consume too much of them.