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Fewer cold complaints due to yellow kiwi

Hatsjoe! Suffering from a cold? Eat yellow kiwis.

The weather forecast for the next few days:rain, hail and strong wind. With such stormy weather a cold is lurking † Researchers from Plant &Food Research from New Zealand conducted research into the effect of certain fruits on the symptoms of a nasty cold.

Yellow kiwi and banana
The researchers followed 37 healthy people over the age of 65 for twenty weeks. The participants ate a yellow kiwi every day for the first four weeks and for four weeks a banana daily † The periods alternated with fruit-free periods † To investigate the effect, the participants' blood was checked for antioxidants and resistance responses.

The conclusion
During the kiwi period, there were significantly fewer cold symptoms † For example, the sore throat period decreased from 5.4 to 2 days and the head cold from 4.7 to 0.9 days. Eating the yellow kiwi also led to higher concentrations of vitamin C and antioxidants in the blood.

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