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Detox in 1 day and give your body a small reset

Do you want to lose weight? Looking for a way to detox your body without dieting? Detox in 1 day and give your body a small reset with these tips.

What is a detox?

If you want a healthy body, it is necessary to detoxify your body first. You can do that with a detox. A detox is actually an alternative way to rid your body of all kinds of toxins and waste.

Why detox?

We ingest a lot of things every day that our bodies don't actually need. This is because we live in a 24-hour society, in which there is little or no time to eat food as pure as possible. As a result, we burden our body with numerous E numbers, additives, flavor enhancers and much more. Substances that our body does not need and that can even make us sick.

Normally, your body clears toxins on its own. That happens via the liver and you have little to no problems with it. Still, it is good to help your body with this every now and then. You can do this, for example, by following a diet or simply a short but powerful detox.

How can you detox?

There are several ways to perform a detox. In most cases, a detox is a strict eating and drinking schedule that you have to follow for a few days. However, you can also detox by fasting for a certain period. Other forms of detoxification are:

  • Hot water baths
  • Enemas/colon rinses
  • Oil pulling
  • Juice cures
  • Supplements

Detox in 1 day and give your body a small reset

For many people, following a whole course of treatment is just a bit too much of a good thing. In addition, there are certain detox cures that you really should not just start. Think of fasting. You can do this for a very short period of time, but even there you have to take a lot of things into account. Don't feel like following a long detox cure? Then you can follow the detox below, so that your body is cleansed within one day and you get a health boost. A boost for your immune system.

The advantage of a one-day detox is that it does not require too much effort. It is easy to do and still ensures that your body gets a boost.

Detox day:you should avoid these products

To rid your body of waste and toxins, you should absolutely avoid the following products:

  • Foods with sugar such as candy, ready meals, packages and bags, muesli…
  • Salt (limit or avoid salt during your detox day)
  • Coffee, black tea, chocolate and foodstuffs with preservatives
  • Milk products
  • Meat as it takes a long time to digest

Detox day:your body needs these substances

When you detox your body, it is important to make sure that you eat a lot of nutritious and fiber-rich foods. It is very important to drink plenty of water. Do you find water boring or not tasty? Then alternate with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Limit eating and drinking too much fruit, as it also contains sugar. You can also eat vegetable soup.

Raw vegetables in the form of salads, smoothies and, for example, nuts may also be part of your eating schedule during this day. Soy and legumes are a vegetable source of protein and can be eaten during your detox day. Are you really hungry for meat? Then opt for a small portion (100 grams) of lean meat.

Pamper your body during the detox

In addition to detoxing your body by paying attention to your food and drink, there are a few more things you can do to reset your body.

  • Visit the sauna
  • Home spa
  • Sleep enough
  • Move (walk)

Advantage of a short detox

Are you planning to detox your body? Then you can schedule that once in the weekend. Ideal for example after the holidays. A period in which your body has ingested (too) much sweet and fat. You can also use this one-day detox as a start to live a healthier life from now on and consciously choose healthy food and drinks.

Let me know if you did this one-day detox and what you thought.