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The Remedy So ​​Your Wet Cough Doesn't Turn into Bronchitis.

A cough, especially a wet cough, can easily escalate into bronchitis.

Especially in winter.

To prevent a cough from turning into bronchitis, there is a quick remedy that strengthens the body.


... magnesium chloride.

How to

1. From your first symptoms of wet cough, drink 1 glass (20 cl) of diluted magnesium chloride.

2. Take 2 glasses of magnesium chloride during the day.

3. Do the same the next day.

4. Finish with a cure of 10 to 15 days of 1 glass per day.


There you go, your wet cough didn't turn into bronchitis :-)

Simple, practical and effective!

No need to go straight to the pharmacy in case of a wet cough.

Thanks to this natural treatment, you relieve your cough naturally and quickly.

It is a radical remedy to treat a wet cough.


Magnesium chloride is high in salt. Ask your doctor for advice before treatment, if you follow a low-salt diet.

Magnesium chloride can cause diarrhea. Reduce or stop treatment if these symptoms appear.

The taste of magnesium chloride is not very pleasant. But you can dilute it in fruit juice or add sugar to it (in moderation).

If you are out of magnesium chloride, you can find some here.