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3 Hairstyle Tips to Be the Most Beautiful for the Holidays.

I want to be the prettiest for New Year's Eve!

But my budget for this beautiful evening does not include a visit to a hairdresser...

Never mind, I'll do my hair myself!

Simple hairstyles to achieve and rather trendy, there is something for all hair lengths.

So don't panic, you're bound to find the one you need with these economical tips.

1. Fairly long hair

Fashion this winter? The chignon bun ! And that's pretty good, because the chignon bun doesn't have to be super sophisticated to be beautiful, in less than 10 minutes you succeed for sure! I found for you the link to a very well done video!

2. Medium length hair

If you have medium-length or almost short hair, it is more difficult for you to do buns. Especially when you're not used to picking them up.

At that point, just opt ​​for a different stripe (like zigzag for example) or place a simple strip of the color of your outfit, gold, or even silver. A little hairspray, glitter if you wish, and you're lovely!

3. Short hair

Me, I have short hair, obviously I don't have the choice between several buns. But I still have the blow-dry or sophisticated short haircut options.

Usually I straighten and shine my short hair, or sometimes I blow-dry it to air it out.

The goal is not to be like every day... And to do my hair differently, to have the impression of having gone to the hairdresser to dress myself up for the big night...

If you really don't feel skilled enough to do your own hair, or if you really want to be pampered in a salon, consider the option "I'll get my hair done at a hairdressing school to save money"!

Your turn...

Have you tried these hairstyle tips for a party hairstyle? Tell us in the comments if you liked it. We can't wait to read you!