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Overeating during the Holidays:4 Tips to Keep the Line.

Worried about gaining weight during the holidays?

As we know, end-of-year holiday meals rarely rhyme with small quantities .

In this case, how to avoid gaining 10 kilos in less than a month?

With my 4 amazing tips you will be able to enjoy your evening while keeping your line!

1. A small snack before the evening meal

The best way not to be hungry before a festive meal is to eat light a few hours before eating.

No need to get involved in complicated things. Personally, I eat an apple and I drinka large glass of water and here I am satisfied until the evening meal.

2. Do not refill

To keep the line, you have to know how to make compromises , although it is not always easy. So, while everyone is stuffing themselves with good things, I stay zen and I avoid serving myself the same dish several times.

My little tip for not starving is to eat small amounts so that you can taste everything without taking a single gram.

3. I eat slowly

I'm usually the fast type. I swallow my dish in less than 10 minutes and hop we don't talk about it anymore! But not this time!...

For Christmas, I take the time to enjoy my meal because the satiety effect will only be felt after 20 minutes .

I take this opportunity to relax and discuss with my table neighbors. "Hey, hello Christine, it's been a long time since we've seen each other!" A good way to avoid thinking about my greedy little belly!

4. I practice a physical activity

If like me you are a little too greedy, sport will allow you to eliminate your extra pounds.

During the holidays, avoid eating too much sugar and favor a healthy vegetable-based diet.

A real personal challenge that I will try to take up.

Snowball fights, little outings with the family in a park, skiing holidays:everything is an excuse to play sports!

The principle :I air my body and my mind to keep me healthy! Would you like a little jog?

And you, do you know any little tricks to maintain your figure during the festivities ? Now is the time to share them with us in the comments!