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Effective Little Tricks to Reduce or even Stop Snoring.

Do you snore? Worse:your spouse snores and you would like it to stop. As I understand you... Yes, but now, the products in pharmacies are rather expensive and you have not planned this budget.

I will help you to reduce or stop this very unpleasant natural phenomenon without spending unnecessarily.

1. The basic tips against snoring

We have already written to you, in a previous article, about what could give rise to snoring.

We advised you to watch out for four things very important, namely:your weight, your sleeping position, your alcohol consumption and a possible stuffy nose.

Here is the link to this article written by Jérôme.

Jérôme therefore advises you:

-not to drink alcohol if possible before going to bed,

- monitor your weight ,

- to sleep on your stomach (I would add that on the side is good too),

- and unclog your nose .

I'm not going back on that, he's absolutely right.

2. Complementary tips that have proven themselves

Other things can be done, if these are not enough to reduce or stop your snoring.

- I advise you to raise your head using several pillows, or by raising the head of your bed. This action will allow the tissues of your throat not to settle around your airways. They will thus be cleared .

- You can help your airways by practicing mint gargles (with a cold infusion for example).

- Remember to remove any allergens from your room (dust, animal hair, etc.). Clean your bedding regularly. Remember to vacuum your curtains regularly.

- If your snoring is only passing , it may be because you are prone to pollen allergies. In this case, we have already concocted 11 unstoppable tips for you to fight against these allergies.

- If you smoke, it might be time to try to quit . Indeed, tobacco has the effect of irritating and drying out the mucous membranes.

- Finally, keep in mind that in your home you should have between 40 and 60% humidity if possible. This allows you to breathe better . You can raise your humidity level by placing bowls of water or clothes to dry in your room.

Great savings to be made

Remedies exist in pharmacies to reduce snoring. But spray which costs around €15 to €20 per bottle, with tabs or lozenges which cost you €12 per month, including rings or bracelets from 40 to 75 €, you can see that you will save a lot of money all year round by practicing natural gestures.

Especially since you cannot be sure in advance of the results of these products.

What do you think ? I look forward to your opinion on the subject in the comments.