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5 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping ALL NAKED at Night.

Only 10% of French people wear the costume of Adam or Eve to go to sleep.

Seen the benefits of sleeping naked , there should be many more of us!

Because, yes, sleeping naked is very pleasant!

Plus, there are fewer pajamas to wash throughout the year.

Not to mention the air conditioning savings in summer.

Here are 5 benefits of sleeping naked every night that everyone should know:

  • 1. You sleep much better
  • 2. Your body regulates its temperature better
  • 3. You relax much faster
  • 4. Your romantic relationship improves
  • 5. Your body breathes better

1. You sleep much better

Our body is programmed to cool down while we sleep. It is a necessary process for quality sleep. However, pajamas retain heat, which prevents you from going down to an optimal temperature.

And if you are too hot, it can lead to restlessness during sleep.

But also the need to turn over and over and even the symptom of restless legs.

Result, the next morning, you are much less rested.

2. Your body regulates its temperature better

When you sleep naked, the skin plays the role of a thermostat to regulate the rest of the body . Unfortunately, wearing overly warm sleepwear makes this job more difficult.

We think that we will be warmer by wrapping ourselves in tightly closed pajamas. But that's not true.

Look at the alpine hunters, they sleep naked in their down while they are outside by -30°.

And they don't feel cold, because body heat is regulated by contact with the down.

3. You relax much faster

If you share your bed with someone, you can both smell each other's skin while sleeping naked.

This feeling is very pleasant and allows you to relax much more quickly.

Why ? Because skin-to-skin contact naturally lowers blood pressure , lowers stress levels and makes you unconsciously happier.

Not to mention the fact that you enjoy the warmth of the other naked body. Very useful in winter!

4. Your romantic relationship improves

A 2014 survey of over 1,000 married Britons found that sleeping naked enriches romantic relationships and makes them more active.

In fact, 57% of people who sleep naked reported feeling happier in their relationships...

Compared to only 48% who sleep in standard pajamas.

On the contrary, just 15% of those who sleep in pajamas report having satisfactory relationships. Moral of this story? Throw away the pajamas!

Sleeping naked can also lead to having sex more often.

Which is great for relationships, the immune system, and quality of sleep.

5. Your body breathes better

Sleeping in your underwear creates a warm, moist environment ideal for bacteria and fungus to thrive.

While sleeping naked reduces this risk of infections as well as other diseases related to the confinement of the sexual organs.

You will have understood that sleeping naked is really good for your health! So why not give it a try tonight? You have nothing to lose!

Sleeping naked is a simple and pleasant reflex to have better quality sleep. It's free and it's much healthier than medicine!

So why deprive yourself of it?