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The Best Tip To See More Clearly Without Glasses.

Lost your glasses? And of course, it's a hassle to find them.

Normal, since you can't see well without glasses!

Have you already tried all the little tricks to see more clearly without your glasses?

Maybe this one you don't know. It's a surprising little trick to see better without glasses.

The trick that works the best is to make a tunnel with your fist and look through it.

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How to

1. Take off your glasses.

2. Close your fist.

3. Look through.

4. Try to read this text using this trick.


There you go, you can see more clearly even without your glasses :-)

Simple, practical and effective!

In fact, there is a very simple explanation.

This trick works because the tunnel will limit the amount of light that your eye will capture.

This is what will prevent the formation of a cloudy image.

Your eye will be able to focus more easily and you will see more clearly for a while.

This easy trick allows you to see clearly without glasses.

Just the time you need to find your misplaced pair of glasses!

And next time, to avoid losing your glasses, remember to hang them on a cord!

Bonus tip

Do you have trouble finding your glasses at night? It must be said that it is not very practical to grope for them in the dark!

Then try this clever trick. It's easy to find them in the middle of the night, even if the case falls on the ground.