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7 Behaviors Seen As Negative But Are Actually Good For You.

In life, the healthiest behavior you can have is a simple and genuine behavior.

Unfortunately, many of us put our emotions aside for fear that they will be harmful to our health.

But know that your mind and your body know what is good for your well-being.

Being true to your emotions and honest with yourself is extremely important.

Need a little reminder to realize that?

So look at these behaviors that are often seen as negative but are actually good for your health:

  • 1. Being angry
  • 2. Feel lost
  • 3. Cry
  • 4. Want to be alone
  • 5. Not wanting to listen to others
  • 6. Breaking the rules
  • 7. Feeling out of place

1. Being angry

Anger is an emotion you don't want to express.

But still, expressing your anger can be emancipatory.

Indeed, expressing the anger you feel can generate powerful positive changes in your life.

Anger is simply emotional energy.

Anger is a logical reaction when someone has wronged us or crossed a line that should not be crossed.

The primary function of this energy is to defuse an unpleasant situation that has created a situation of suffering.

Once you understand how anger works, you can take advantage of this energy and use it in a positive way.

When you feel anger rising within you, look for a positive way to express it — to bring about positive change in yourself.

Indeed, when we deny and push back our anger, it turns into unhealthy behaviors such as rage or depression.

Remember that anger is there for a reason:to protect you and set you free.

2. Feel lost

When you're confused, you feel lost.

On the other hand, it is precisely because we feel lost that we pay more attention to a situation. And that's where we pay more attention to our instincts.

Have you ever gotten lost in a big city or a foreign country?

So it is likely that it was by getting lost that you made some great discoveries.

It's exactly the same when you feel lost in life.

Accept the fact that in life, the journey is the most important.

Indeed, when we get lost, we take and discover new paths that we would never have taken normally.

And it is by getting lost that you can discover many new things about yourself.

It's an opportunity to discover new talents, new friends that we would never have discovered otherwise if we hadn't gotten lost.

And just because you feel lost today doesn't mean you'll feel lost all your life.

It just means that you take the time to "find your way".

It also means that you take the time to observe the world in which you evolve before choosing the direction that suits you.

Looking closely, it is precisely this time of observation that will allow us to choose the right path!

3. Cry

Crying, like anger, is a healthy emotional response.

Of course, no one wants to cry all the time.

But know that it is important to respect those moments in life when you cry.

Besides, it's not just sadness that brings tears — there are also moments of intense happiness.

Crying clears our mind of intense energy.

If you repel this energy, it can become a toxic element.

It may pollute your mind. And it can make you sour on the people around you.

When we cry, it softens our personality and the image that the outside world has of us.

It is a way of communicating to the people around us that we also feel.

It's a way of saying that we can be affected by the world in which we all live together.

Indeed, crying allows us to unload our sadness and our sorrows.

But crying also sends an important signal to others:that we are human beings too, open and vulnerable.

In the long run, these qualities make us more attractive than someone who never sheds a tear, no matter what.

4. Want to be alone

Wanting to be alone should not be seen as a negative.

Often, when we need to be alone, it is simply a sign that we need to take some distance from our daily activities.

Above all, it means that one needs time with oneself.

Of course, there are moments of loneliness that can be a source of concern.

But remember that great artists, writers and philosophers had their best ideas when they were alone.

Indeed, it was during these moments that they were able to find inspiration and stimulate their creativity.

Sometimes it is simply necessary to isolate yourself from the outside world and be all alone with yourself.

Therefore, do not push away a need for solitude when you feel it.

Sometimes a simple walk in nature or a vacation alone is all you need to give meaning to your life.

In some situations, the best thing you can do for yourself is to spend some time alone.

5. Not wanting to listen to others

Not listening to others can be perceived as arrogant or antisocial behavior.

However, there are times when you have to trust your intuition. You have to listen to what the little voice inside you is telling you.

In order not to lose sight of the goal you have set for yourself, it is sometimes necessary to ignore certain people.

This is the case when they have not understood your project or are not in agreement with your vision.

Trust yourself. Remember that sometimes there are good reasons not to follow the advice of others.

Indeed, not following the advice of others may simply be common sense.

People who always do what they are told to do sometimes lack personality. They don't really know where they want to go in life.

These people give the impression of being the captain of a ship without a rudder.

To exercise common sense and wisdom, it is necessary to know when to follow the advice of others and when to ignore it.

Trust your intuition when it tells you to ignore the advice of others.

6. Break the rules

Breaking the rules can sometimes improve your life and the lives of others.

The rules are made by human beings. However, no human being is perfect.

This is why it is important for you to understand why a rule exists.

This is how you will be able to decide for yourself if this rule is fair — or not.

Great innovations in art, science and society have taken place because someone decided not to follow certain rules.

Think of all the historical figures who had the courage to break unfair rules...

Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., etc.

Don't be afraid to imitate them.

7. Feeling out of place

Having trouble fitting in with a group can be distressing and awkward.

Especially during the teenage period!

But it can also indicate that you are an innovative person.

It can mean that you have some unusual qualities.

When you are well integrated into a group...

This is often because our thoughts, emotions, and sense of imagination are very similar to those of other people in that group.

Thinking differently from others can result in feeling out of place.

But it can also mean that you know how to innovate and challenge the thoughts, beliefs and received ideas of your community.

You are the one who is best able to develop new ideas and new ways of thinking about problems.

Thanks to this behavior which may seem negative at first glance, you are in fact the one who has the best chance of creating innovation.

Remember that the future has no place in the past.

Accept and value the person you are today. Even if you don't necessarily feel like you belong today!

Remember that this different way of thinking may one day inspire others to follow you.

A movement always starts with one person at the start.