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Sprain:Finally an Ice Pack That Doesn't Flow Everywhere While Melting.

To treat a sprain, nothing better than using ice .

The cold deflates the sprain and relieves the pain.

Unfortunately when it melts, the ice pack starts flowing everywhere...

Not very practical!

Luckily, here's the trick to making an ice pack that doesn't drip while melting.

Just freeze a sponge full of water in a bag. Watch:

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How to

1. Wet a sponge generously.

2. Put the sponge full of water in a freezer bag.

3. Place the freezer bag with the sponge in it in the freezer.

4. Wait 2 hours so that the water freezes.


There you go, your ice pack is ready :-)

It will not flow when melting. Practical, efficient and economical!

And it's super easy. You now know how to make a homemade ice pack .

No need to go to the pharmacy!

It saves you from buying a bag of ice gel, like this one.

The easiest way is to prepare your ice pack before the incident happens.

This way you can immediately relieve pain in the event of a sprain.

You can use it to relieve pain on an ankle or a knee...

Or any other part of your body that hurts you.

In addition, you can also use this homemade ice pack for the picnic cooler.