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How to Sleep Well at Night?

Do you sleep badly? Do you have insomnia?

Here is a very simple trick to spend more peaceful nights.

In order to have a good night's sleep, one of the ways I have found is to adjust your diet.

The best way to fall asleep quickly is to choose your food wisely and to favor carbohydrates.

  • How to
  • Good for health and finances

How to

If you have sleep problems, try eating carbohydrates on the evening meal menu.

Slow sugars , also called "carbohydrates", as well as dairy products, promote the secretion of serotonin, an amino acid that helps you fall asleep.

Sugar is also at the origin of the production of this famous serotonin.

You will find slow sugars in whole grains (bran, barley, wheat and wheat germ, buckwheat, semolina, oats, corn) or in legumes (dried beans, dried broad beans, chickpeas, dried peas, lentils, soybeans ).

So be sure to include wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread, wholegrain rice and muesli in your diet.

Basically, a good inexpensive pasta recipe, followed by a good hot chocolate, can save you from having to count sheep for hours...

Good for health and finances

Sleeping well is as good for your health as it is for your finances.

Indeed, it's over buying sleeping pills which are expensive.

Save money by making recipes with pasta or rice which are the cheapest foods and are an excellent source of energy.