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How to boost our hormones of happiness?

Tired, irritable, dissatisfied? You may be lacking in Happy Hormones. Produced by the body, these special well-being agents naturally diffuse their dose of good humor and pleasure. Serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine… Follow the guide!

Across the Channel and across the Atlantic, the trend in terms of well-being is "Happy Hormones" , or hormones of happiness. In full development, this field attracts research investments from pharmaceutical laboratories. Hence a plethora of studies on it for a decade.

Dr. Karine Phan, general practitioner and micro-nutritionist, summarizes:"Disturbed sleep, fatigue, lack of pleasure... this general malaise sometimes hides a deficiency in serotonin, dopamine and other well-being hormones. "However, we understand, there are not yet blood tests that can assess the deficiencies, but the micro-nutrition questionnaires easily shed light on the state of the reserves.

Stress-related deficiencies

Nervous tension and anxiety are the big burners of Happy Hormones. A phenomenon aggravated by exposure to stress over time. Thus, happiness hormones are consumed in a "cascade" process.
What the practitioner details:"Stress first drains your dopamine – which releases adrenaline and noradrenaline, then, when it lasts (count in months), it solicits the secretion of serotonin."

To recover, there are several strategies, depending on the hormones at half mast and the metabolism of each. One rule, however, to respect:replenish stocks in the opposite direction of their depletion. "So we start with serotonin and end with dopamine," says Dr. Phan.

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Serotonin, mood booster!

This neuro-transmitter is the natural anti-depressant par excellence. The deficient often experience cravings for sugar. No need to throw yourself on bananas, rich in serotonin... the intestine does not assimilate it in its pure state.

To help your body synthesize it, exercise daily, take light therapy in the winter – which also boosts vitamin D – and include foods rich in tryptophan on your plate, translating the amino acid that makes it possible to produce the precious hormone.

To go up your shopping list:hard cheeses such as cheddar, white meats, tuna, sunflower seeds, peanuts, roasted walnuts and cashews, eggs, soy, lobster or Lamb. No need to gorge on it, just consume it regularly. In case of serious deficiencies, we do not sulk a supplementation. The tryptophan capsules will then be associated with a cocktail of vitamins - B5, B6, B12, C, magnesium...- all the ingredients necessary for a good synthesis.

Another winning strategy:serotonin is favored by hugs (caresses, massages), walking or meditation because it is intimately linked to receptivity to external sources of pleasure. We therefore take care of our emotional ecosystem and a certain art of living our interiority.

Dopamine, well-being and anti-fatigue

In addition to distilling pleasure, it erases fatigue and increases alertness. Its production is directly linked to the reward mechanism . It floods the brain when you get compliments, win at games, listen to cool music – those delicious chills! -, eat chocolate or… during lovemaking.

First substance to be pumped in a stress reaction , dopamine can quickly run out. Warning ! The so-called "dopaminergic" circuit is also set in motion if one takes drugs or alcohol.

For the psychological grounds at risk, one quickly falls into addiction. Also, it's better to choose your triggers:cuddle, exercise (but not too much) and set yourself realistic goals to be sure to reach them.

Another way to refuel:bite into hard cheeses - Parmesan, Gouda, Gruyère, Emmenthal, Edam, Cheddar - or taste cod. In case of severe deficiency, we supplement via capsules of tyrosine, the precursor of dopamine, always with the small cocktail of associated vitamins.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline, the action hormones

Produced from the dopamine circuit, they are also called stress hormones because they give us response in dangerous situations or challenge. The body diffuses them to awaken all our cerebral and muscular capacities.

If there is no complementation , you will easily stimulate their production through sustained sporting activity. Practice strength training with weights, crossfit, sprints, jumps, etc. To motivate you, know that norepinephrine would increase the consumption of fats. Better than a diet!

Sweet endorphins...

The structure of this group of neurotransmitters approximates that of morphine. They are the ones who trigger the feeling of euphoria experienced during but especially after a good sports session. Endorphins that are both powerful pain relievers, pleasure diffusers and anti-blues .

Chief producers? Cardio sports, practiced for 30min at a pace... and orgasm! It would be wrong to deprive yourself.

Oxytocin, the feminine ally

Both a hormone and a neurotransmitter, this funny molecule is also called the love hormone. It would play, in women, a major role in the biology of happiness.

It is secreted during the time spent with our loved ones , when we receive compliments, in our expressions of kindness towards others, but also during pregnancy and childbirth. Stress blocks its production and there is no complementation.

All that remains is to fit love sequences into our schedule to encourage its production. Question of organization!

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